The kid's lunchbox

The kid’s lunchbox

Catherine Marr - Food Shoot (95 of 145)

The summer holidays have drawn to a close and it is the start of the new school year here in New Zealand.  It is time to get back into the daily routine including school uniforms, homework and of course the lunchbox. Food is definitely fuel when it comes to our children and their ability to learn.  We can’t emphasise enough the importance of ensuring kids eat nutritious real food.  Let’s face it, how do you feel when difference you eat well vs when you don’t. Food manufacturers do a great job at pulling kids in with amazing looking packaging and products that taste good.  But are they the best options for our children?  Are they helping or hindering their bodies?  Unfortunately allergy friendly packaged food can often be some of the worst in terms of additives and added sugar.  They appear to be free of this and that, but often they are not free from artificial flavours, enhancers and unnecessary ingredients.  Our advice here is to make your own where possible.  Not only will you dramatically reduce the amount of artificial ingredients and preservatives your child consumes, you will produce something that often tastes better, is cheaper and fun to make.  How about getting your child involved in the cooking?  We have found more children are often more likely to eat what they have made themselves. Kids lunchboxes don’t have to be complicated, take huge amounts of time or be expensive to pull together.   With a little thinking outside the square it is possible to have a lunchbox that is nutritionally sound, tasty and exciting. Stay tuned for our lunchbox ideas.

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