Knowing when to do something different

Knowing when to do something different

Ok I admit I have had a frustrating few days with the internet.  Living rurally, I am rather reliant on the internet to support my business.  We use a satellite service where I live.   Normally it is pretty good but from time to time it goes down or provides an intermittent service.  The last couple of days have been the later which has made working a little challenging.

For example, today I wanted to add some new recipes to one of my websites. I had at least 5 attempts to get the recipe to save, it took about half an hour for my image to upload and a further half an hour to send the link through to my phone so I could update Facebook and Instagram.  I still haven’t been able to update those because now I am having phone problems.

Upon reflection, perhaps I could have viewed this situation a little differently.  There are times when we are forced into not doing things.  I believe this is usually for a reason.  Maybe you are meant to do something else or have a break for a while.  Yes it is true, I was supposed to be having a break today.  I have had a busy few weeks getting a few things off the ground and I am also attempting to lower the medication that manages my auto immune disease.   I know I need to be taking a bit of time out but I am also really passionate about my work.   In hindsight, I could have viewed the internet problems in a different light.  I could have embraced the unavailability and used it as an opportunity to do something else or to have some time out.

This sort of thing often happens with other stuff, such as my exercise routine or with the availability of produce in shops or markets.  I am way better at dealing with the unexpected disappointment. Instead of either cursing the fact that it is raining or I can’t get what I wanted, I try to say to myself “oh well wasn’t meant to be, I will do a circuit inside instead” or “I am not meant to have lemons today”.   It is another example of glass half full or glass half empty and a reminder that sometimes determination is a hindrance to our wellbeing.

Is there anything that hasn’t gone your way lately?  Is there something that isn’t working or hasn’t happened that is frustrating you?  Is there another opportunity sitting there waiting for you to embrace instead?  How can you view that situation differently?

On that note, I am off for a walk and then to watch a movie on the couch that I have wanted to see for the last four months (the latter is a rarity!).

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