Carrots for breakfast!

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We get lots of enquiries from people not sure about what to eat for breakfast.  In our view breakfast doesn’t have to be what a lot of us grew up with – porridge, toast, cereal, eggs, fruit, yoghurt etc.  It can be anything you like, as long as it is made with “real food”.  There is nothing wrong with eating leftovers from last night’s dinner and mixing up what you have so life doesn’t get dull.


We have been playing around with carrots a lot lately.  They are a great low FODMAP option and are naturally sweet – perfect for creating some alternative dishes.  Our latest two recipes provide some wonderful options using these great vegetables for breakfast.  Check out our Caramel Carrot Pudding and Savoury or Sweet Carrot Hotcakes for something different. We also have a fantastic raw carrot cake that we love… keep tuned for this amazing recipe.


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