The power of music

The power of music

I’ve always known that music has a powerful impact on us human beings.  It can make us happy, make us sad, hype us up when we need to and chill us out at night.

A few years ago I was introduced to Dr Emoto’s water crystal experiments.  His experiments reinforced what I had known and made me be more mindful about the music and lyrics I was listening to.  In summary, Dr Emoto exposed water to pictures, words or music, froze the water and then photographed the water crystals.   He found that water exposed to positive pictures and words and classical music formed beautiful crystals.  By contrast, water exposed to negative pictures and words and heavy metal formed more ugly crystals.  Given we are mostly made up of water, what we say, see and listen too must therefore have an impact on us.

More recently have begun to use classical music to help with managing stress and IBS.  It is now a daily ritual for me to play classical music as I work.  I have had some good results.  This week I was amazed how calm I felt when I was preparing for our cooking class launch.  Even more I had minimal IBS symptoms.

My current “go to” album is The most Peaceful Classical album in the world…. Ever!  What’s your “go to” album?


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