Products we love

Natural Remedies

Martin & Pleasance IBS Relief

This spray is a blend of homeopathic remedies for the relief of irritable bowel syndrome symptoms.  The bottle is the ideal size to keep in your handbag or office desk drawer.

Weleda Digestodoron

Digestodoron drops can help your body return to regular digestive processes.  It is particularly helpful for constipation, diarrhea, flatulence or an irritable bowel syndrome attack.



Long-life milk

We recommend making your own milk where possible as most brands contain additives like sugar, seed oils and stabilisers.  Find our simple recipes for milk here and make enough so that you have a stash for the busy times.

If time is short then Pure Harvest Activated Almond Milk is a long-life milk you can trust.  It contains just four ingredients–almonds, water, rice malt syrup and salt and is becoming easier to get hold of on New Zealand and Australian supermarket shelves.

Coconut milk and cream

Canned coconut milk and cream often contain emulsifiers, stabilisers and other additives that may upset delicate stomachs.  Check the labels and look for a product containing just coconut and water.

Ayam makes a fantastic Premium Coconut Milk and Premium Coconut Cream. Both these products are easy to find on supermarket shelves.

TCC Premium Coconut Milk is also great and you can find it at selected supermarkets in New Zealand and Coles in Australia.  It contains citric acid which is a safe additive.

Infused oils

Infused oils are a wonderful way to add flavour to your food without adding FODMAPs.  You can find a fantastic range of infused oils in supermarkets, health stores and gourmet food outlets now.  Here are some our favorites:

  • Cobram Estate garlic-infused extra virgin olive oil
  • Grove garlic-infused cold pressed avocado oil
  • Grove lime-infused cold pressed avocado oil
  • Grove horopito pepper-infused cold pressed avocado oil
  • Olivado basil-infused avocado oil
  • Olivado rosemary-infused avocado oil


Most smallgoods contain garlic and also preservatives, gluten and various other additives.  However, we’ve noticed a surge in the market for preservative-free products with several manufacturers’ also now providing options that are free of both fructose and preservatives.

For those of you in Melbourne, we highly recommend Lewis & Son.  Their sausages and smoked meats are the first in the world to be certified as FODMAP-friendly.  They contain no preservatives, gluten or garlic and taste amazing.  Find out more at their online store or visit their headquarters at 155 Glenferrie Road in Malvern.

Lockton Farm Gourmet Sausages offer a beautiful range of gourmet sausages that are free of both preservatives and fructose.  Our favorite is chicken, spinach and pinenut, but we can also recommend the beef sausages and the Italian pork and fennel.  They have stalls set up at markets across Victoria, Australia and a store in Mooroolbark.  Check out their facebook page for more information.


Waiheke Island garlic-free herb spread is a gorgeous FODMAP-friendly alternative to pesto.  Made with olive oil and a blend of traditional and wild herbs, it is a fantastic addition to so many dishes—we use it all the time.  You can get it at a growing number of retailers across New Zealand or by mail order.

Green Powders

It can be challenging to find FODMAP-friendly greens powders. We recommend you thoroughly read the ingredient list before you buy.  To be safe it may be best to go for a 100% pure spirulina or chlorella powder.

One product you can count on is a blend called Just Greens that Vital have recently started producing. It contains spirulina, chlorella, wheat grass, barley grass, kale and broccoli and no fruit or other high FODMAP ingredients.