Time to plant the vege garden

Time to plant the vege garden


There is nothing like eating vegetables from your own garden.  Summer is well on its way here in the Southern Hemisphere.  So it is time to get planting.

This year I have been experimenting with all different types of vegetables, both in the garden bed and also in the sunny FODMAP Friendly Living office.  I’ve been loving the new daily watering rituals I have and am constantly amazed at how growth can happen in little as half an hour.

There can be a bit of lead time with vegetable gardening.  Microgreens are my new favourite friend.  They are really quick to grow, look fantastic, taste delicious, FODMAP friendly and are extremely nutritious.  Even better they can be grown by anyone with a sunny spot inside their house.   I’ve got into a weekly routine, of planting a new box each Sunday and consuming a mature crop through the week.  By the time Sunday rolls around, the new box is ready for harvest.

Have a go!


Catherine x



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