Being careful with supplements

Being careful with supplements



I recently had an experience with fish oil.  I was recommended to up my dose to 6 capsules per day.  So I did and very quickly found my body was not happy with Fish Oil.  I was rather sick and it took me well over a week to recover.

Lessons from this experience were:

  • If you are going to take fish oil, make sure you buy a quality product. The oils can become rancid and therefore toxic to our bodies
  • Too much of a good thing can sometimes be too much
  • Introduce new supplements one at a time so you can clearly identify if it is appropriate for your body
  • Tune into your instincts, if part of you thinks the supplement isn’t right for you, then maybe it’s not
  • Read the back of the label. Just because it is a fish oil capsule, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have other ingredients.  I have found that many supplements have added soy etc. that don’t agree with my body

It is also a good reminder that we are all different.


Catherine x


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